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Position Court – Judicial Services Administrator
Job Reference Numberjob_2_2013/2014
Number of Posts 117
Terms of Service To be communicated
Work Station Court Station ,Station Head of Registry Services, Library Officer, Court Clerks, Legal Researchers
Date registered19-Jul-2013
Opening Date of Advert15-Jul-2013
Closing Date of Advert05-Aug-2013

- The ideal candidate should have;
- At least 5 years working experience in the legal sector;
- Demonstrated competence and experience in Legal Research;
- Management
- administrative experience of at least 5 years;
- Knowledge and experience of legal terminology and the court process;
- Proficiency in computer applications; and
- Meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution and be of high moral character, integrity and impartiality.
- Qualifications:
- Academic: Bachelor’s Degree in Law
- Professional: Advocate of the High Court of Kenya
- Specialist knowledge and attributes required:
- Ability to accurately and quickly type, proofread and edit material;
- Ability to proactively analyze and resolve problems;
- Ability to process complex instructions quickly and accurately;
- Ability to work both independently and as part of a team;
- Ability to independently organize and prioritize multiple tasks;
- Knowledge and understanding of results-based management;
- Knowledge and understanding of Judiciary operations;
- Ability to manage change and transformation;
- Commitment to the implementation of Kenya Constitution 2010;
- Commitment to the Judiciary values;
- Ability to make decisions;
- Planning and coordination skills;
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; and
- Leadership and management skills
Duties and Responsibilities
-Job Purpose:
- The jobholder is responsible for the effective and efficient provision of judicial services such as case management, registry, legal research, library and execution of court decisions.
- Responsibilities
- The incumbent will:-
- 1. Enforce decisions of the Court;
- 2. Accept, transmit, service and custody of documents in accordance with the rules;
- 3. Keep records of the proceedings and minutes of the meetings of the Court and such other records as the Court may direct;
- 4. Ensure the publication of the judgments of the Court;
- 5. Execute and explains court documents such as probation orders, undertakings and recognizance’s;
- 6. Ensure effective and efficient maintenance of case files, establishing and updating case files, entering case information into computerized case management system;
- 7. Provide Judicial Services in areas of case flow management and records management at the Station;
- 8. Ensure orderly flow of judicial proceedings within the Station;
- 9. Organises the workload in a manner that provides for timely disposition of cases and optimized judicial productivity;
- 10. Prepare, proof-reads and edits decisions and correspondence from the Court;
- 11. Prepare criminal reports, warrants of committal, etc. as required;
- 12. Schedule appeals;
- 13. Manage the production orders;
- 14. Answer advanced public inquires on case statuses, availability and location of records;
- 15. Ensure the provision of the level of customer service necessary without giving legal advice;
- 16. Provide assistance to staff members with best practices, legislative change or administrative orders;
- 17. Ensure the maintenance of the integrity of the filing system by means of monitoring proper access and maintaining timely and accurate filings;
- 18. Act as a liaison between the Court, the public and other parties to ensure that cases proceed smoothly and efficiently;
- 19. Receive and responds to written, telephone and in-person inquiries;
- 20. Answer questions from parties and the public on various aspects of the Court;
- 21. Interact with judges, staff of other courts, attorneys, local officials, media representatives, staff of governmental and private agencies, and the public to explain and interpret judicial policies and activities, and to ensure the implementation and administration of court programs;
- 22. Identify needs for, establishes and directs the development of policies, standards, and work procedures affecting all of the judicial operations;
- 23. Facilitate program planning, developing , recommending and assisting with implementation of strategic objectives, policies, and procedures;
- 24. Assist on all special projects;
- 25. Manage the library of the Court;
- 26. Establish and maintain the Registry; and
- 27. Any other duty as assigned by the Regional Judicial Services Coordinator.
Important Information
-Applicants should upload soft copies of the following documents to the online application as provided:-
- a) A letter of application;
- b) Detailed and updated curriculum vitae summarising the applicant’s bio data;
- c) The applicant's recent colour passport size photograph;
- d) Declaration of income and liabilities as at the time of making the application, using the proscribed forms(the Declaration of Income, Assets and Liabilities Form JSC 2b can be downloaded from the Judiciary website - (www.judiciary.go.ke)
- e) Certified copies of testimonials and professionals certificates and academic transcripts.
- (2 Applicants are also required to forward one (1) hard copy of the completed Employment Application form including all the attachments cited above.