Details for Job Reference Number: V/No. DCJ4/2015
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Job Reference NumberV/No. DCJ4/2015
Number of Posts 1
Terms of Service As per the Constitution. and Period of Service (Retirement at the age of 70 years with an option to retire upon attaining the age of 65 years as per Article 167 (1) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010)
Work Station Judiciary Headquarters
Date registered06-Sep-2015
Opening Date of Advert6-Sep-2015
Closing Date of Advert28-Sep-2015

-For appointment to the position of Deputy Chief Justice, the applicant must possess the following minimum qualifications:
- (a) Hold a law degree from a recognized university, or
- i. Be an advocate of the high court of Kenya; or
- ii. Possess an equivalent qualification in a common-law jurisdiction;
- (b) i. Have at least fifteen (15) years’ experience as a superior court judge; or
- ii. Have at least fifteen (15) years’ experience as a distinguished academic or legal practitioner or such experience in other relevant legal field; Or
- iii. Have held the qualifications mentioned in paragraph (i) and (ii) for a period amounting, in the aggregate to fifteen (15) years.
- (Note: The experience required above may have been gained in Kenya or in any other country with a Common Law Jurisdiction)
- (c) Be of high moral character, integrity and impartiality.
- (d) Meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution.
- (e) In addition, the applicants must demonstrate a high degree of professional competence, communication skills, fairness, good temperament, making of good judgments in both legal and life experiences and commitment to public and community service.
- The appointment shall be made in accordance with Article 166 (1) (a) (2) (3) of the Constitution of Kenya as read with the First Schedule of the Judicial Service Act, 2011.
Duties and Responsibilities
-The Deputy Chief Justice shall be responsible to the Chief Justice and will discharge the following functions:-
- deputise the Chief Justice;
- be the Vice President of the Supreme Court; and
- carry out any other functions as required of him or her by the Constitution and any other legislation.
Important Information
-Interested and qualified persons are asked to make their applications by:- (1) Filing an Online Application for Employment Form available at the Judiciary jobs portal: jobs.judiciary.go.ke.
- Applicants should upload soft copies of the following documents to the online application:-
- (a) A letter of application,
- (b) A detailed and updated curriculum vitae, to include background information such as community service, financial discipline, pro bono activity, involvement as a party in litigation and involvement in political activity including financial contribution to political party
-parties (if any) and criminal record, legal
-professional engagement for the last five (5) years, three (3) professional referees and two (2) character references who can verify and comment on the applicant’s past and present employment,
- (c) Applicant’s recent coloured passport size photographs,
- (d) Five (5) samples of any personal writings, including but not limited to judgments, advocacy submissions in courts, scholarly writings or any legal publications that the applicant has authored,
- (e) Declaration of income and liabilities as at the time of making the application, using the prescribed forms (The Declaration of Income, Assets and Liabilities Form JSC 2b which can be downloaded from the Judiciary website – www.judiciary.go.ke). Applicants from Government employment should attach copies of returns of Declaration of Income, Assets and Liabilities, while those in private practice should attach Income Tax Returns, for the last three (3) years, and
- (f) Certified copies of testimonials, professional certificates and academic transcripts.
- (2) Applicants are also required to forward one (1) hard copy of the completed Employment Application Form including all the attachments cited above.
- TO:
- P.O. BOX 40048 – 00100 NAIROBI
- E-mail: jscsecretariat@judiciary.go.ke
- Commission Secretariat: Mayfair Centre 5th Floor,
- Ralph Bunche Road, Upper Hill,
- Nairobi. So as to reach the Commission NOT LATER THAN 28TH SEPTEMBER, 2015 AT 5.00 P.M.