Details for Job Reference Number: V/No. 9/2013
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Job Reference NumberV/No. 9/2013
Number of Posts 1
Terms of Service Permanent and Pensionable (Retirement at the age of 60 years with an election to retire on attaining the age of 50 years)
Work Station The Supreme Court
Date registered28-Oct-2013
Opening Date of Advert20-Dec-2013
Closing Date of Advert6-Jan-2014

- Constitutional and Statutory Requirements for Appointment
- For appointment to the position of the Chief Registrar, the applicant must possess the following qualifications:
- (a) be an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and has since:-
- (i) attained the qualifications of a High Court Judge; or
- (ii) attained at least ten (10) years’ as a professionally qualified magistrate; or
- (iii) attained at least ten (10) years’ experience as a distinguished academic and legal practitioner or such experience in other relevant legal field; or
- (iv) held the qualifications mentioned in paragraphs (i) to (iii) for a period, amounting in aggregate, to ten years.
- (b) Has demonstrated competence in the performance of administrative duties for not less than five years.
- (c) Have a high moral character, integrity and impartiality.
- (In addition to the above qualifications, the applicants must demonstrate a high degree of professional competence, communication skills, fairness, good temperament, making of good judgments in both legal and life experiences and commitment to public and community service.)
- The appointment shall be made in accordance with Article 161(2)(c) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.
Duties and Responsibilities
- a) be responsible for the overall administration and management of the Judiciary;
- b) perform the judicial functions vested in the office of the Chief Registrar by law;
- c) exercise powers vested by virtue of any regulations and give effect to the directives of the Chief Justice;
- d) administer the Judiciary Fund and account for any service in respect of which monies have been appropriated by the National Assembly and to whom issues are made from the exchequer account;
- e) in each financial year, to prepare estimates of expenditure for the following year and submit them to the National Assembly;
- f) be the authorized officer for the Judiciary who is responsible for efficient management of the day-to-day operations and administration of human resources in the judicial service;
- g) be in-charge of support services in the Judiciary and in particular planning, development and organization of staff;
- h) monitor and enhance administration of office procedure to maximize quality of service;
- i) plan, prepare, implement and monitor the budget and collect, receive and account for revenue;
- j) prepare reports and proposals on administrative issues; k) be in-charge of the procurement of all stores, management and maintenance of all physical facilities.
- I) maintain and develop co-operation with key staff in the public service and other institutions and agencies;
- m) perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chief Justice from time to time and;
- n) perform the functions of Secretary to the Judicial Service Commission.
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